Our future is definitely more robotic than we are ready to admit at this moment. All science fiction movies and comics dealing with future seemed to create imaginary visions that our generation will not face in reality. But listen to this – Dubai police will have automated police cars already at the end of this year and 25% of robots in the police force by the 2030. Innovations in technology in private and corporate sectors are more and more influencing public institutions and law enforcement.


Type of cars that will soon start patrolling the streets of Dubai are called O-R3 and they will not operate alone. Implementation of this technology is designed as a pair of cars and drones. Companion drones should help the cars use the equipment for facial recognition, and plus move faster than any car could ever do when it comes to high-speed chase. It is obvious that classic street car chases are going to waste and drones are taking over the game.


Both cars and drones can navigate without human control because they use special algorithms designed for these machines and this purpose. But they also have a possibility of a remote human control. Of course, the idea behind using these robotic machines is to make city streets even safer and more peaceful. With the possibility to track down any suspect, without even using direct human force this should become reality in a very near future.


Dubai officials claim that “the robots aren’t intended to replace human officers but to better manage resources and manpower.” They will have thermal imaging and license plate readers, which will make them capable of “reading through” the city codes. Faces as well as car identifications are becoming easily detectable data that should help in tracking down criminal suspects. With this technology, the local police force have a powerful tool for making the city a better, safer community for all.


In combination with all other technological wonders, Dubai is becoming truly futuristic destination where innovations are being implemented for the first time in the world. Police robot cars are just another step in the development towards fully automatized future. Some tourists locations are already supervised by bilingual police bot that will speak four languages in the future and possibly have more and more demanding tasks. It should move faster and assist tourists and of course provide their safety. Maybe you couldn’t imagine talking to a robot in your lifetime, but the future will definitely prove you wrong.