3 myths about laser hair removal busted!

When you start reading about laser hair removal treatments, the one thing for sure it is that you will come across a number of myths associated with the process. Instead of falling for them, it is best for you to put in the effort to find out the facts about laser hair removal so that you can come to a better decision.


Myth: The procedure is not meant for all skin types

In actual fact, as long as your treatment is conducted at one of the best laser hair removal clinics in Abu Dhabi, hair removal with the help of laser is an extremely safe procedure that is rarely known to cause any serious complications or long lasting side effects. The one thing, however, that you should know is that the overall safety of the procedure is highly dependent upon the type of laser system that is being used for the removal of hair. The higher authorities have approved certain laser systems in order to ensure that the patients remain safe. As long as the dermatologist that you have chosen makes use of an approved laser system, there is a good chance that you will not encounter any problems at all, both during and after you have received the treatment.


Myth: The procedure will lead to more hair growth

The one thing that you must always remember is that laser treatment never leads to additional hair growth. If this was the case, countless people around the world would not have opted for this treatment every single year. In fact, people who are suffering from hair loss would have simply opted for laser treatment so as to grow more hair. Blaming laser hair removal treatments for the growth of new hair is just a myth, because there are countless other elements that could lead to it. From hormonal changes to multiple internal and external factors, hair growth can be caused by just about anything.


Myth: Laser treatments expose people to harmful radiations

There are several laser hair removal systems out there that have been approved by the health department simply for the reason that they do not emit harmful radiations. You need to bear in mind that the laser beams used in this particular procedure transfer heat energy to hair follicles. Upon doing, so the follicles get heated the point that they lose their ability to grow again.


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