Misconceptions about fragrances – Avoid believing in them

It is one of those things that you don’t hear too often but when you do, you find it hard to believe. For instance, almost every perfume lover knows that Arabian oud Dubai is perhaps the rarest perfume of them all as it is extracted using a rare wood. However, did not many people know that the extraction process is far from easy. On the contrary, it is quite technical and only skillful, and experienced experts are able to extract it. In other words, Arabian oud is rare, and everything about it makes it precious. You will also find people saying that the oud is more expensive than gold which sounds strange when you think about it, but the fact is that oud is indeed expensive. Here is the deal – since you are so very interested in getting your hands on the finest, purest oud fragrance, why not start looking to buy the original oud in the market here in Dubai? Well, there is no denying the fact that you will find it after some search, but the process of extracting it is so complicated, you may not be able to differentiate between the top class refined oud versus the less refined and mixed up version. To make things worse, the Arabian oud is already rare but rumors and misconceptions make finding it even more difficult. Here are some misconceptions that might make finding the oud difficult so make sure not to fall for these:

It can be found commonly

Truth to be told, the supply of this fragrance has always been problematic due to the availability of the wood as well as the skilled experts who could extract it. With that said, when you hear someone saying that it is abundantly available, you should not believe him straightaway. In fact, you must do your bit and search for the truth. The possibility is that you will find that oud is still rare, but it can be found at places.

Its Ultra expensive

It is not at all ultra-expensive, but the rumors try to make it one. the idea is to steal customers but that rarely works. Fans of oud know what a gem of a fragrance it is so they stick to their brand.

Waste of money as it is not rare

Another rumor that is designed purely to drive customers away from it. The reason is simple – make them buy other brands instead of oud and earn big money. The problem is that oud has no analogs in the industry. It is a one of a kind fragrance and those who wear it, will only buy it. You will find it in perfume shops in Abu Dhabi as well but make sure you know the brand.