5 Best Places to Go Fishing in Dubai

Fishing is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions in the UAE and fishing in Dubai prices vary depending on the location of your choice. Here are the best-known angling spots that you can choose from for your next fishing excursion in Dubai:

Al Garhoud Bridge

The Al Garhoud Bridge is one of the most decent angling spots in the country. While the summers in Dubai are markedly humid and hot, this site remains enjoyable, comfortable, and brimming over with a great catch. Being a well-liked and popular tourist hub, the Al Garhoud Bridge is always teeming with swarming throngs throughout weekend mornings, with fishing aficionados endeavoring to catch a few Barracudas or Tilapias here. To get to Al-Garhoud, you have to drive up to Al Boom Tourist village, leave your car there and amble across the sandy area to reach the most optimum fishing spot.

Al Maktoum Bridge

Al Maktoum Bridge is another sought-after angling spot bustling with tourists and locals alike. The place is especially busy over the weekends and early in the morning. To reach your destination, drive up to Dubai courts and leave your vehicle in its parking area. While RTA parking charges apply throughout the week, parking is free on Fridays. The Al Maktoum Fishing Spot is a mere 5 minutes walk away from the parking.

Creek Park

The picturesque Creek Park is another great place in Dubai if you are looking for some recreational and frivolous angling. Even if you just want to sit back and relax, it offers comfortable seating arrangements. If you want to catch a bite or quench your thirst, there are a lot of restaurants and shops nearby to cater to your hunger pangs. The seas in the proximity of Jebel Ali Free Zone are teeming with kingfish and hammour, which attracts more crowds.

Jumeirah Beach

Located opposite the Sheraton Hotel, Jumeirah Beach is a favorite amongst avid fishing enthusiasts. Once you reach the JBR beach, you can park your car near the water break rocks. Clamber over the rocks and take a walk along the coast. While the spot is extremely rocky, it is a hub of Barracudas and Sultan Ibrahims. The spot also allows you to swim around and spot sting rays.  You must visit this place if you have a thing for rocky fishing. However, take good care since the rocks are risky and slippery. To cast far away, try to use a 4m rod.

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Park is a sprawling beach of over 100 hectares. This beach park offers clear swimming pools, stunning picnic areas, and a good deal of grassy lands. When it comes to outdoor family enjoyment, this place takes the center stage. Like most Dubai beach parks, this park is solely reserved for youngsters and women on Wednesdays. Visit Website to learn more about fishing trips in Dubai.

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Almost whole year beach experience in Dubai is definitely one of its main attractions. Long sand beaches in early spring or autumn, bright sunny holidays as an easy getaway from cold and grey skies – that is what gives this location the scent of paradise. There is a variety of different beach offers and the possibility to choose what suits you best. As the touristic season almost never ends in Dubai, summer days may be sometimes too hot and temperatures too high. But what about night time?


For all those who have ever visited Mediterranean African coast or Middle-East destinations, night swimming is already quite familiar. Daytime beach is reserved for tourists, while locals, usually whole families spend late evening and night hours on the beach. Benefits of this practice are numerous, and with good infrastructure and lightning on the beach you could not easily differ the daily atmosphere from the late night beach time. All daily activities are possible and as fun as they are under the full sun, and plus – you don’t have to use sunscreen.


This summer Dubai has allowed nighttime swimming on two beaches, which makes it the first emirate in the UAE where this is possible. The initiative came from Dubai Municipality and it was first allowed at Umm Seqeim area. It turned out to be fantastic idea, which was proven by the number of people who started going on night swimming. Of course, perfectly adequate and environmentally friendly infrastructure is there to make this experience safe and comfortable for all users. Special power poles were designed, powered by wind and solar energy and they illuminate the beach and the waters off the shore. There are 84 lifeguards and special marks in the water which show the safe limit for swimmers.


You could only imagine what it looks like to be surrounded by fantastic view of Dubai by night – all these remarkable buildings including Burj Al Arab, glowing in the dark – while you are having refreshing moments in the Gulf waters and enjoying swimming and other beach activities. So, perfect scenery plus relief from high temperatures that can sometimes last even during the night makes night swimming more and more popular leisure time in Dubai. And we can perfectly understand why. The latest news is that the second beach Al Mamzar is about to be opened in the night time, and we guess that this is just the beginning of Dubai night swimming boom.