The responsibilities of fashion consultants

Are you the sort of person that enjoy telling people what they should wear and how it should be worn, because if you are then you have a great career opportunity waiting for you. People that love having the power to dress up others must consider becoming fashion consultants. Believe it or not but this profession is extremely popular nowadays.

People generally use different names for those that take on this profession. The names given to them include fashion stylists in Dubai, image consultants, corporate image consultants and personal image consultants. It is not just the fashion world where these professionals are needed these days, as the business sector too is very interested in taking on their services.

Becoming an image consultant is no easy feat. You need to be educated in the field of fashion designing first of all. Next, it is necessary for you to have hands on experience in the clothing or fashion industry.

Individuals that are interested in pursuing a career in this particular field must have a bit of knowledge related to fashion. To begin with, you need to know all that is possible about the proportions of the female body. Also, it is necessary for the candidate to have the potential to select suitable cuts and styles that are meant for particular body types and shapes.

You must also have the ability to help people and clients choose shoes and accessories that match well with their clothes. Knowing how colored apparel can be mixed and matched is a good thing too. Basically you need to know what can be done to make people look good and perhaps even sophisticated.

As a Dubai personal shopper, you would basically be responsible for guiding your clients as to the colors and clothing styles that would actually give them a very flattering look. This is the reason why it is necessary for you to remain up to date with regards to the current trends in fashion. If you have all these elements present in you, you are going to have a very good career.

To be honest, the jobs of such professional revolves around making it possible for their clients to have a wardrobe collection that is fit for all types of social events. It is necessary for you to organize things in such a way that your client would be able to pick the clothes that they are interested in easily. You would obviously be a keen observer and help your clients choose clothes that match their appearance and personality as a whole.

Simple Tips For Parents To Help Their Kids Cope Up in Their New School

At times, relocating would mean uprooting your kid’s life to another place, making them feel vulnerable and conscious. They need to adapt to their new environment, including their new school. At times, this cause school anxiety, making it difficult for them to cope up with the new terrain.


If you find your kid struggling with their new school, these tips from top primary schools in Dubai might be of help:


  1. Have a discussion

To help your kid ease into the transition, they need to understand first the reason behind it. If you are relocating, tell them why you are moving. Or if you are transferring him to a new school, state the reason behind it. Knowing why these situations happen will make them more understanding of the situation and would make them a little more cooperative with your plans, especially the going-to-the-new-school part. Uprooting their life without so much of an explanation would lead them to rebel and be uncooperative.


  1. Start the transition early

When you are transferring your kid to a new school, it would be best to introduce them to the place prior to the school opening. Doing this on the first day of school would just overwhelm them, as they have lots of things to process, like meeting their schoolmates and introducing themselves to their peers. Getting them to familiarize the place would make them feel at ease, even before the school starts. So schedule a school tour and let them roam the school grounds for a little while so they can take the surroundings in.


  1. Subscribe to pre-school activities

There are private schools in Dubai that conduct activities prior to school opening. Take advantage of these activities and let your kid join. These activities would give your kid a preview of the culture of the school. It is also an opportunity for them to meet friends before the first day of school starts. This would make them feel less anxious as they will be looking forward to seeing familiar faces in their new school.


  1. Be firm

Once the school starts, your kid might feel a little scared and would hesitate. Some may even cry at the thought of going to school and being left alone. But do not give in to your kid’s whims. You need to find a way to make them go to school. It will be a little hard at first, but once they settled in, they will realize that going to their new school is not that bad.